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I brought Ricky in to Intelligent Energy as a consultant. He built strategic marketing campaigns, developed a brand and crafted targeted marketing content. A great guy with a great attitude and a wealth of marketing experience to call on.
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Determine Product Market Fit

It all starts here, arguably the most crucial step of the process. All your time and money spend on Ads and creating landing pages will be wasted if you don't get this right.

You need to know your customer to market to them effectively, so we start by asking a few key questions to understand your audience better and position your product or service to connect with them.

Choose a traffic source

Now that you've achieved product/market fit, our next step together is to figure out how to reach your market and get them to your website.

Traffic is about getting people into your funnel. Jumping around to many different sources, scattering your resources will only make it take longer to acquire any customers, and you'll burn time and money in the process. No one has a traffic problem; it's picking the right traffic channels that fit your business that is the key.

Create a Lead Magnet

Now that you've decided on a traffic source, it's time to start increasing the number of customers you have! A lead magnet is an irresistible free offer that gives a piece of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information (like an email address)

Two things make a lead magnet effective: including making sure it satisfies the urge for immediate gratification. From my experience, the type of lead magnet, whether it's a digital eBook, coupon, discovery call, or voucher, will depend on your target market. Get your lead magnet wrong, and it'll be like a superhero getting their cape caught in a jet engine.

Offer an Entry Point Offer

You've got a lead, and now it's time to turn them into a customer! The entry point offer is an irresistible, super low-ticket offer that gets your customers foot in the door. Starting off generously and providing immense value sets the relationship with your customer off on the right foot with a great first impression.

There are tons of different types of entry point offers. Which one is right to engage and convert your target audience is the real question we'll answer on our call.

Offer a Core Product

As long as you over-deliver and provide immense value with your Lead Magnet and Entry Point Offer, your customers will be highly interested in purchasing your Core Offer.

Your core offer should be more valuable: You've already delivered with your initial offers, so together, let's make sure your core offer connects and delivers too!

Offer a Profit Maximizer

In short, Profit Maximizers are higher-priced purchases that increase the average transaction value per customer. A well-known example we can all relate to is "Do you want fries with that?" There's your immediate upsell and Profit Maximizer.

These can also take the form of a cross-sell, subscriptions, member perks, bulk sales and discounts and more. These offers are just different ways you can increase the customer's experience and thus increase their lifetime value. Let's decide on the right way to offer this together.

Create Your Landing Pages

You've got all your offers in order, and now it's time to make a place for customers to learn all about them! A landing page is a webpage where all the essential information about your offer lives. It's where you point your customers to when driving traffic via ads and other content activities.

You'll need a landing page that includes the four key elements, including attention-getting copy (text that sells) that explains the benefit and the value they'll get. We'll dive into more about this on our call.

Create A Return Path

What could be better than customers that return again and again, right? A return path is a way to increase the number of transactions for each customer. It's a way to encourage customers to come back to your website and offers.

The Return Path is anything that brings the customer or prospect back more frequently, including email marketing, exit offers and more. Deciding on one of the other seven different ways depends on your time, budget and audience.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could just focus on your business and clients and have a sales system continuously scheduling appointments for you automatically?

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