The Mighty Marketeers is a digital marketing agency based in Leicester UK, and the brainchild of marketing strategist Ricky Chauhan, a Certified Partner of the world’s largest and leading marketing training and certification company, DigitalMarketer. I have worked with some of the world’s largest companies delivering marketing strategy and execution.

And I’d like to help you grow your business too.

You see I’m passionate about marketing and love using my skills and knowledge to help business communicate better with their customers to establish profitable relationships.

My career started off in sales, rapidly achieving top-performer status. However, I was frustrated because I saw opportunity to drive more sales. So, I made it my mission to learn more about marketing and understand how to create and execute marketing strategies to drive growth.

You could say I was one of those curious kids that always kept asking the question “but why…”

Despite the bonuses and recognition, I didn’t want to continue in sales. I loved marketing. From analysing insights for developing marketing strategies, to creating compelling content and planning marketing campaigns.

Then when the dust settles, sitting back and admiring the great results, uttering the words “I love it when a plan comes together.”

Okay, so things don’t always go to plan and results aren’t what you expect, but that’s the joy of marketing. You take your learnings, adapt, refresh and go again.

I really love this marketing game, it’s such a crucial part of any successful business. So, feel free to message me if you need help with marketing in your business or just have some “but why” questions of your own you want to talk about.


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